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Meet Your Farmer

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Josh grew up in northern Maine where farming is a part of life. He took his love for growing plants and pursued a degree in horticulture and sustainable agriculture. Although the University did not directly teach courses on cannabis cultivation, Josh took in everything he learned and implemented it towards cannabis. He also acknowledges that he learned many of his skills through outside research in cannabis forums and simple trial and error.



Currently, Josh uses techniques from sustainable agriculture in his grows through approaches such as integrated pest management in his indoor grows and building complex, biodiverse soils in his organic outdoor grows. Applying beneficial insects is a major part of his IPM program, which eliminates the need to spray harsh insecticides and fungicides. By building and maintaining biodiverse, no-till soils in his outdoor plots Josh feeds his plants mainly only water throughout the season.



Josh is committed to bringing sustainable practices to Dialed-In Farms to keep this company aligned with his overall vision of a happier and healthier planet. To learn more about Josh’s growing techniques, send him an email and inquire about a consultation. 

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